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Interview with Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive

This is a snippet of an interview I did with Rachael Price from Lake Street Dive. You should buy their music and go see a show. Look for the rest of the interview in my book on how to practice.

Interview with Rachael Price

Put simply Rachael Price, lead vocalist for Lake Street Dive, is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard. When I caught a Lake Street Dive show last month I couldn’t believe my ears. The lead singer  could switch her style from soulful singing one second and then suddenly inflect her music with jazzy sophistication. She can outright rock and roll one minute and be a sweet and sensitive balladeer the next. She seems to have no limit to what she can do with her voice.

 I think its safe to say that Rachael was born to sing. As you’ll see in the interview Rachael started at a very young age. You won’t find many 5 years old who were interested in learning how to sing like Ella Fitzgerald the way Rachael Price did. Aside from such natural ta…

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